Jim Lofton

Lead Experience Architect & Designer

Jim in front of Willis Tower

Hi, my name is Jim lofton and I’m passionate about designing websites and applications that are both usable and useful. I created this site as a means to share what I have learned about user experience and usability. Everyone is familiar with struggling to use a website or application because of usability issues. However, over the years, I have also found that you can make something easy to use, but have it go unused because it is not actually needed.

Possessing a Masters in Human Computer Interaction and a BA in graphic design along with 15+ years of experience, I have an eye for the creative, a mind for the technical, and a heart with empathy towards people who struggle with using digital interfaces to get work done. While I have deep skills and experience in research, design, and development, I know it takes a team of experts to build great user experiences and nothing great can be achieved without collaboration and shared responsibilities.

Currently I am very interested in working on mobile/tablet projects. If you have something going on with mobile or tablet, I’d love to hear about it. I am a big proponent of the responsive web design (RWD) approach for web sites. While there are shortcomings such as optimization for managing multiple image sizes, it seems RWD is the best way to provide people a seamless experience whether they are using a laptop, desktop, tablet, smart phone, smart TV, Xbox, or Playstation.

Essentially, you have no idea how users will connect to your site, so you really need to accommodate for that fact. Having a native app or a separate “m.” version site that is different from what you provide to “non-mobile” is going to be an inconsistent experience. However, there definitely are some situations where an app may be better. Such as banking and other account driven experiences where an app can streamline the experience of signing-in. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts of native vs mobile specific vs responsive/adaptive design.

Outside of UX stuff, I enjoy all things Japanese, especially the food (Tonkatsu is my favorite dish), as well as Japanese beers. I also like to read, mostly the classics, but I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy themes as well as well researched non-fiction. I still like to play video games (PS4 and mobile/tablet) and enjoy watching movies at home (Netflix is awesome) rather than the theater.

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