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Do you need an app? Probably not.

It has been noted that people spend approximately 85% of their time in apps when using their mobile devices. Based on this there are a number of consultants who believe that if you want to capture the attention of people on mobile, you need an app. If you are a small or even medium sized business, I believe this is not a valid analysis or proper extrapolation of this data.

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Creating great experiences involves the following:

Experience strategy + vision: chess icon strategy & vision

Developing a vision for improving the experience by understanding needs and behaviors of the people who you want to serve.

experience research + analysis: microscope icon research & analysis

Conducting a variety of Experience Design research methods will help inform and guide your efforts.

experience architecture + design: point & click icon architecture & design

Creating the information architecture, interaction design, and visual design should be an iterative process that ensures you can provide a great experience.